Employing x-ray spectromicroscopy for the understanding of anisotropy in organic thin film growth

AIP Conference Proceedings have published an article by Hawly et Al which reports on the “fabrication of high-quality organic semiconducting thin films from the potent benchmark molecular compounds pentacene and C8-BTBT-C8.”

Silson’s silicon nitride membranes of 100 nm thickness were used for the STXM measurements which were performed at the PolLux beamline at the Swiss Light Source (PSI Villigen, Switzerland) and at the HE-SGM beamline at BESSY II (HZB Berlin, Germany).

Their abstract reads: “the experimental results allow for deeper insight into the presumed growth behavior, which appears to crucially depend on the nature, or more specifically, the aromaticity and volatility, of the used solvent”.

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