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TEM Windows or Grids

Silson manufacture a range of membrane windows specifically designed for TEM applications.  The windows or grids have a 2.65 mm x 2.65 mm silicon frame with etched back corners to allow them to fit within a standard 3.05 mm holder for 3.0 mm diameter grids.  Standard frame thickness is 200 µm but 100 µm frames are also available as an option.

TEM window driagram
TEM window cross-section diagram

Silicon membranes are supplied in a HEX TEM frame, which produces a more consistent frame size, each face of the hexagon being 1.5 mm wide. 

3.05nm TEM membrane
TEM hexagon

Standard membrane sizes are 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm, 0.25 mm x 0.25 mm, 0.5 mm x 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm and 1.0 mm x 0.25 mm.  There is also a multi-element membrane option which contains a 3 x 3 array of 0.1 mm x 0.1 mm membranes in a single frame.

Silicon nitride TEM membranes are available with thickness 10, 20, 30, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200 and 500 nm although not all membrane sizes are available with every film thickness.  10 nm thick membranes are available exclusively in HEX frames. 

The membranes are stable over a wide temperature range with customers reporting excellent results following treatment at up to 1000°C.

More recently, silicon and silicon carbide membranes for TEM have been introduced, these are available only with 200 µm thick frames and with membrane thicknesses of 30, 50, 100 and 200 nm.

Silson TEM membranes or grids are all smooth, flat, and chemically inert and all films are grown on special wafers which are double-side polished with a roughness less than 5 nm rms

The membranes are available as individual membranes, packed in grid boxes and silicon nitride membranes are also available in three different designs of multi-frame arrays (MFA) containing either 49, 25 or 16 individual membranes which can be processed and then separated into individual frames.

TEM grid - 23.5nm
TEM multi-frame arrays
TEM multiframe array grid

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