Silson Products

Custom Design and Prototyping

Custom Silson membranes are available in many thousands of permutations in a variety of materials and with a huge variety of frame and membrane sizes and thicknesses. 

They are also available pre-coated with a wide variety of coatings for further processing by the end user or for use as filters.  Some are patterned with spacers and inlet and outlet ports for liquid sample handling, others have pores or holes for specialist applications.  Some are pre-patterned with electrical circuitry for sample heating or electrochemical experiments. 

However, there are still significant number of membranes that are manufactured and supplied to an individual customer’s requirements and Silson are always happy to receive enquiries for these custom or bespoke items. 

With a full in-house cleanroom based microfabrication suite, including: vacuum deposition, reactive ion etching, sub-micron lithography, gold electroplating and wet chemical etching, Silson are also able to offer an extensive prototyping service

The images below show a range of passive microwave circuits produced by Silson under a contract for BAE SYSTEMS Advanced Technology Ltd.

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