Double-sided van der Waals epitaxy of topological insulators across an atomically thin membrane

arXiv has published an article by Park et Al about epitaxial growth of quantum heterostructures using atomically thin van der Waals films. The abstract concludes “By performing field-angle dependent magneto-tunnelling spectroscopy on these devices, we reveal the energy-momentum-spin resonant tunnelling of massless Dirac electrons between helical Landau levels developed in the topological surface states at the interface.”

Silson’s silicon nitride TEM membranes of 50 nm thickness were used as substrates for the preparation of suspended ultrathin hBN and graphene.  CVD-grown large-scale vdW substrate layers were suspended onto the silicon nitride membranes by the poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)-assisted wet transfer

Here is the link to read the paper in full

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