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Mounted Membranes

While most membranes supplied by Silson are used as simple sample supports for x-ray or electron beam imaging, in some applications they are used as vacuum windows or differential pressure windows, with a different pressure on either side of the membrane. 

In relation to this, we offer a mounting service at Silson by one of three methods:

  1. We can supply windows in a range of standard mounts
  2. You ship your mounts to us and we ship the mounted assembly back to you
  3. You send us a CAD file or PDF of your specific required mount design, we check your design and have your mounts manufactured locally, and we ship the mounted assembly to you

We usually use Loctite 9492 low out-gassing epoxy for gluing of our membranes into mounts. We always consider the best shipping methods for your mounted assembly: this might be a standard shipper or capsule as with our usual orders, or if the mount or flange has hole fittings, then we might be able to screw them down to their container.

Here you can see some examples of custom mounted membrane orders we have completed:

Aluminium coated membranes (left) mounted into custom mounts and bolted down into a box and uncoated membranes (right) mounted into custom mounts and packaged in our standard gelatin capsules, both for SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

For the orders below, we used metal tins (screw base and lid), to ensure the mounted membranes remained secure and clean during transport:

Membrane of frame size 10mm mounted into a DN40 CF flange, supplied to Jose Somoza at CERN
Membranes mounted into custom mounts for use on the ForMAX beamline at the MAX IV Laboratory
… these mounted membranes were screwed into tins and bolted down from the underside to ensure safe carriage

We are able to have the DN40 CF flange above machined to accept your preferred window, the below illustration is for a 14 mm frame with a 10 mm membrane:

And finally, here are some examples of our standard mounts and along with some technical drawings:

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