Janus organic semiconductor nanoparticles prepared by simple nanoprecipitation

MaterialsToday Chemistry have published an article about experiments that found “the potential of the Janus NPs [nanoparticles] for photovoltaics but also photocatalytic reactions in which reduction and oxidation reactions can occur at opposite sides of the nanoreactor (the individual Janus NPs)”. Janus nanoparticles are produced from the nanoprecipitation of organic semiconducting materials; and the photodeposition of Silver metal was performed on the organic nanoparticles to prove their potential for Photocatalysis.

Silson’s silicon nitride membranes were used for the X-ray spectromicroscopy (STXM) measurements which were performed on the PolLux beamline (X07DA) at the SLS synchrotron. The membranes had dimensions of a 5 x 5 mm^2 frame, with  a 1 x 1 mm^2 window that was 30nm in thickness.

Here is the link to read this article in full!

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