Proton Microbeam Targeted Irradiation of the Gonad Primordium Region Induces Developmental Alterations Associated with Heat Shock Responses and Cuticle Defense in Caenorhabditis elegans

MDPI have published an article by Beaudier et Al which explains their investigation of “the effects of targeted irradiation of the progenitor gonad stem region on the organogenesis of worm gonad and vulva”

Irradiation experiments were performed at the AIFIRA facility (Applications Interdisciplinaires des Faisceaux d’Ions en Région Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France). Silson’s 200 nm thick silicon nitride membranes were used to focus the beam.

The abstract concludes: “the presented status report validated protocols to (i) deliver a controlled dose in specific regions of the worms; (ii) immobilize synchronized worm populations (>300); (iii) specifically target dedicated cells; (iv) study the radiation-induced developmental alterations and gene induction involved in cellular stress (heat shock protein) and cuticle injury responses that were found”

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