Differential Recruitment of DNA Repair Proteins KU70/80 and RAD51 upon Microbeam Irradiation with α-Particles

MDPI’s Biology Journal have published an article by Bobyk et Al, which investigates damage to DNA caused by exposure to ionizing radiation (IR). The summary reads: “Mammalian cells possess several different DNA repair mechanisms for removing IR-induced DNA damage among which DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) are the most deleterious lesions.”

Their research investigated “the temporal dynamics of the two major DSB repair pathways upon α-particle irradiation delivered by the MIRCOM microbeam.”

Silson’s silicon nitride membranes were used during the beamline experiments: the microbeam was extracted in air through one of our 150nm thick membranes before reaching the cell dish where it was inspected and analysed.

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