Reach Regulations Statement

Silson’s management recognise the need to comply with the European Regulation 190712006 on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and restriction of Chemicals (REACH) entered into force on June 1,2007.
ln recognition of this commitment, Silson Limited has produced a statement, which is intended to keep its customers informed of progress regarding REACH.

The company has appointed a REACH controller in order to oversee implementation of
compliance with regulations.
Silson Limited specialise in the manufacture of ultra thin films and other consumables for scientific research and are classed as a downstream user, therefore, does not have registration obligations under REACH.
However, we will ensure that our suppliers of chemicals, metals, and other preparations used in our processing have been registered by them in order to satisfy regulations. We can further confirm that at the time of this statement none of the items registered on the ECHA candidate list of SVHC’s updated on the 15th January 2018 are used during production of or supplied in parts manufactured by Silson Ltd.
Date: 17th July 2019


Peter Anastasi
Managing Director