Silson Products

Orientation Membranes

We currently manufacture two different types of orientation membranes here at Silson. The first type consists of a small membrane, separate from the centred membrane, which is offset into one of the corners so that orientation can be tracked when there is rotation in the x-y plane.

The second type is used to track orientation in the z plane. We create an ‘R’ mark on the back of the frame, so that front vs, the reverse side of the piece can be tracked.

We can manufacture both types of orientation membranes separately (as above) or as a combined orientation membrane which has both the smaller offset membrane, as well as the reverse ‘R’ marker.

The following image is of our orientation membrane on the synchrotron nanoprobe ID16A at ESRF, France, in a liquid nitrogen environment and being used for cryo-nanoimaging for biological research. Courtesy of S. Bohic Inserm UA7 Strobe and of European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

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