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Heater Chips

Specimen heating is available with patterned heater membranes – heater chips. Metal spiral designs on silicon nitride membranes allows for specimen heating to 250°C, within a regular track spacing of 15 µm.

The frame size for the standard heater membrane is 5.0 mm x 5.0 mm, with a silicon nitride membrane 150 nm thick in the centre. A 4-point connection method is used to drive the heater using a resistive method, while accurate calibration & parallel testing allows the temperature to be evaluated for any given resistance. The large area heater spiral design covers the centre of the membrane, (0.5 mm x 0.5 mm). The temperature profile across the central area is very uniform, as verified by IR microscopy. Only at the edge of the heater area shows a slight drop in temperature profile.

The thin frame of the heater makes the standard heater ideal for use within Scanning or Transmission X-ray microscopes. Application areas include experiments including catalysis, oxidation & magnetism.

Optical microscope image of the heater pattern
Infrared microscope image of high emissivity carbon particles on the heater surface shows excellent uniformity across the central region

Click here to download the Heater technical drawing

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