Silson Products

Coated Membranes and Wafers

Silson has a range of in-house facilities for coating membranes with a variety of different materials such as; aluminium, titanium, gold, platinum, silver, chrome and zirconium. These can be plain coatings for filtering or charge dissipation purposes or patterned into electrodes, heaters or other functional devices.

We offer a wide range of coating thicknesses, with 1-200nm being typical, however we can coat with other thicknesses upon request.

We also supply coated wafers, either intact or pre-diced, and can coat customer supplied wafers or substrates. Please contact us with details of your requirements regarding coating material and thickness.

Thank you to NuNano for this AFM image of one of our wafers coated with 50nm Au on 5nm Ti, with an RMS roughness measurement.

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