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Liquid Environment Cells or In-Situ Cells

Liquid Environment Cells, in-situ cells, or simply liquid samples can be all studied with the assistance of a wide variety of substrate options available from Silson.  Most of these are based around a transmission-cell with a liquid sealed between two high quality silicon nitride membranes. A patterned polymer spacer is used to vary the spacing between 1 and 50 µm. Normally, membrane thickness on each side of the cell is 100 nm.

Silson has the ability to customise the design on request, changing the membrane size and thickness along with the spacer design to best suit a particular application.

Additional holders and fittings are available in a variety of materials to load liquid samples in an in-situ holder, and also to seal samples for static studies. The latter is specifically designed to be as thin as possible, with the holder for the standard sealed cell measuring 16 x 16 x 3 mm. Transfer of a liquid filled cell is also possible from the larger holder for flowing liquids into a cell more suitable for sealing.

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