10Be ion detection: SiN foil stack method benchmarked against absorber cell technique

Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research have published an article by Wilcken et Al about 10Be ion detection, in which the researchers “demonstrate that there is no clear benefit in using 20.3 MeV 10Be ions for 10Be measurement”.

For the experiments, a stack of Silson’s silicon nitride membranes was used. The methodology reads that “Using a stack of SiN foils is advantageous as the foils are uniform in thickness and by having multiple foils the small imperfections that might exist in one foil have a reduced chance to coincide with the possible imperfections in the next foils. Resulting in effect to more uniform absorber thickness”

Our membranes had a frame size of 12.0 x 12.0 mm and a membrane size of 8.0 x 8.0 mm, and they were stacked 3.0 mm apart in a window holder (figure shown in the paper).

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